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How to Heal Yourself Through Reiki
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Reiki is a form of spiritual healing stimulated through the use of different hand positions laid for varying amounts of time over the patient's body. You can purportedly heal yourself through Reiki by adjusting the hand positions to work on your own body. Proponents say Reiki can be useful in the treatment of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Reiki has been used to help in the treat heart disease, cancer and depression.

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How to Heal Yourself Through Reiki:

Identify your ailment. While utilizing all the Reiki positions can be beneficial, targeting a specific area can expedite the healing process.

Touch your body only lightly with your fingertips or keep them hovering right over your skin. The energy flow is what is being channeled, and actually touching your body is unnecessary.

Cover your eyes with your hands like you are playing a game of peek-a-boo, cupping your hands. This position heals sinus ailments that can be found in ear, nose and throat, and in addition eases stress.

Improve concentration by placing your palms over your temples.

Focus on your ears which, as with acupuncture, heal a lot of ailments. Cup your hands over your ears for this position.

Express yourself more clearly and ease your throat by templing your hands and fingers over your throat. Do not touch yourself especially in this position as it may be frightening and uncomfortable.

Aid in asthma issues by placing your hands, palms facing in, over your chest. Your fingertips should be touching and your wrists should be at a ninety degree angle to your body.

Control and improve digestion by placing your hands over your abdomen. This position should look the same as the previous step, but your hands should be about six inches further down your body.

Treat depression by holding your hands over your naval area. Your fingertips should be touching directly over your naval.

Relieve your body of sexual dysfunction, both emotional and physical, by positioning your hands over your pubic bone. Your fingertips should be pointing toward the opposite foot.

Treat your relationship issues by holding your hands over your lower back. The tips of your fingers should be pointed down and your wrists should be about equal to your waistline.

Concentrate on your feet to treat most areas of the body at the same time, as all your organs and chakras are centered in your feet. Hold one foot with both hands, one hand covering the bottom of the foot and one hand resting on top.