Self Healing

How to Use Affirmations, Crystals and Reiki to Heal Your Finances
Author/Service Provider:Healer

Fear and misery is contagious. One of the biggest fears people face is not being able to pay their bills. Scarcity thinking limits us to focus on what we don't have instead of the possibilities of what we can have. This energy healing method has done wonders for me to get me back on track spiritually, mentally and financially!

Take a deep breath. Recognize that fear and anger are only making things feel more hopeless. No inspiration comes from feeling hopeless. If you feel you've been running in circles and nothing and no one has been helping, stop what you've been doing. It's time to gain some clarity and go to a higher source for help.

Detach yourself from the situation. (See the unplug article in resources). Ask Archangel Michael to unplug you from the bill. "Archangel Michael, please unplug me from my mortgage bill." Feel the cord detach from you and with it the fear and negative emotions. This will help calm your system down so you can focus and center.

Pull out the bill or bills that have been creating stress and the illusion that you're "in over your head" or "don't have enough." These are old beliefs and do not have to be your reality. With God and faith, ANYTHING is possible. But you've got to get to a place to see it and feel it inside of you.

On each bill write an affirmation. Such as, "I pay my mortgage easily and joyfully." "I pay my credit card easily and joyfully." Be specific with your statement and feel it, really believe this is true. This is how it is and refuse to believe anything different.

After you've written the affirmation on the bill, place it on an alter or clear space on your desk where it won't be disturbed. Place a crystal or crystals on it. I like rose quartz because it surrounds the bills with love which dissolves the negativity and brings support, nurturing and healing to the situation.

Activate your Reiki and hold your hands over the crystal and bills. Feel the energy flowing through you, charging the crystal and the bills with Reiki energy.

See Reiki as the divine messenger. Your thoughts are received into the Universe and your reality is now being created. Feel it happening right then, right there.

Pay attention to the signs and your gut feelings. When you think of transferring a credit card debt to another company with no interest for a year does it make you feel better? If you think about paying lower mortgage or loan payments, does this feel less stressful?

Take guided action based on your intuitive feelings. If you feel guided to transfer a credit card debt, make a call, ask questions and see how it feels before you take the final step to doing it. If you are thinking about asking for a loan modification, now is a great time to do it. If you don't know where to start, ask the universe for help and release it. Trust it will come to you in perfect timing.

Every day repeat the affirmations. Repeat them when you feel hit with an obstacle that brings up negative feelings. Repeat them when you feel tired or overwhelmed. Charge the crystal and bills whenever you'd like and stay focused on creating your new reality - listen and follow up on your intuitive guidance.

While the Universe is answering your prayers and fulfilling your needs, release your focus from what you can't do and focus on what you CAN do right now. Can you make a small payment? Can you budget? Can you create a financial plan? Can you learn more about help available? Can you find creative and inspiring new ways to be of service and receive abundance in return? Stay in this flowing energy and you will attract all the help available to you in miraculous ways!