Self Healing

The Visual Series: Teach Yourself Meditation and Self Healing (book + CD)
Author/Service Provider:Carol Everett, Medical Intuitive

Teach Yourself Meditation and Self Healing.

A complete course by Carol Everett: This meditation audio visual set contains a step by step guide to developing your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

This Meditation Book & CD compilation teaches you in distinctly separate steps how to.
a. Relax your body and relieve stress for basic and advanced meditation.
b. Gather and harness the powerful natural energies around you, while developing and using the right brain.
c. Communicate with the higher energies in a more intuitive, gifted and more psychic and effective way.
d. Reach and work in stages towards the upper levels we will use for healing and high energy intuitive work.

For Doctors & Practitioners:
Medical practitioners, how often do you wish that when confronted with difficult or impossible cases, you could be just a little more 'intuitive' with your patients. How would you like to have the intuitive ability to diagnose the root core of patients problems more often instead of treating symptoms, often by 'trial and error'. The very best doctors already have this kind of intuition in diagnosis. But now you can help develop your own. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your own intuitive instincts for the root cause of complex medical cases were just as clear as the plain and obvious. By using meditation, or if you are more comfortable with the word relaxation, then use that instead. Utilising more powerful intuitive instincts in diagnosis by using these methods could set you well beyond your current abilities. Out reaching normal diagnosis methods in one step. Many people and doctors will already be familiar with the results of Carol Everett's documented work in isolating 'impossible' diagnosis cases. There is no reason you cannot increase your inner intuition whatever your role in life.