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Energetics of Autoimmune Illnesses
Author/Service Provider:Rebecca Grace, Psy.D.

Christel Nani, RN Medical Intuitive
March 2012 Newsletter

Science and Medicine Catch Up to Christel

This monthís newsletter is written by Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. as Christel is working on the personal assignments from the Paragon for Success program.

When I first met Christel in person I was already exhibiting symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as MS. I was scared, having gone from healthy to having difficulty walking, losing my balance, numbness in my legs and feet, muscle weakness and spasticity in my legs all within ten days. I was scared and confused because I had always been healthy, strong and active and being sick just wasnít an experience I was used to having. I was at what I thought was a peak of my life: happily married, great, busy practice in a seaside town north of San Diego, a wide circle of friends and a sense of purpose in my life.

I was not prepared for this. Within six weeks I had to close my practice, too sick to work. I had a lot of trouble walking and I began to feel crippled. It seemed that everyday brought a new loss of function: creeping numbness, more weakness, dropping things, tripping over my own feet, halting speech and a strange, weird quietness in my mind where my thoughts used to be.

I was fortunate to be able to work with Christel within the first two weeks of getting sick. However, she was not so lucky. I was not cooperative or nice. I thought I knew it all and I was more than a little stubborn and snotty. Okay, too much information. What I really want you to know is that working with her to raise my vibration, change some truly limiting tribal beliefs and learning to grow spiritually and emotionally was the most intense therapy Iíve ever done in my life. This work paved the way for my healing and will always be one of my most cherished experiences.

Christel's insights and understanding about the human energy system are precise and rather amazing. Iíve been blessed to see the effects of her work over the last ten years. Iíve witnessed countless healing moments that were physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in nature. Iíve seen what happens when people follow her intuitive instructions and sadly, what happens when they donít.

One of the things that Christel famously teaches about is the necessity of learning to raise your vibration. Remember that your overall vibration is a barometer for your overall health. Each illness, malady and condition resonates at a particular vibration that is the result of many factors: limiting tribal beliefs, life patterns, beliefs, activities, authenticity, and so on. People who study with Christel understand how they play an important role in choosing whether their vibration is high or low, and how to raise their vibration daily.

When Christel works with the lowered vibration for autoimmune illness, one of the first questions she will ask anyone with the energetics of an autoimmune illness, whether physically manifesting or still only present in the etheric body is if they are enjoying their life. Many times they answer oh yes, I exercise, I have a happy life, etcÖ Other times the answers are more honest, such as ď well, everything looks great on the outside but Iím not really happy, or, I have a lot of responsibilities and I canít take time to take care of myself, because others need me too much.

That one question, ďare you enjoying your life?Ē is huge. Itís about joy on a daily basis, or peace or purpose or however you put it. It means that your life is not a drudge or a burden or heavy. It doesnít mean you donít have problems. Letís be real. We all have them, but some people are taken down by them or feel burdened or unhappy, even when life is going well.

Your level of happiness is a contributing factor to autoimmune illness. Recently I read some research that highlighted to me how science and medicine are slowly catching up to Christelís holistic knowledge . You all know about endorphins, those little opioid like chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. That was a big discovery in the 80ís - that our brains like opium. Okay, we knew that, but we didnít know that we actually made our own opium like substances. The next big discovery was finding that certain things release this natural opium. Things like a runnerís high, acupuncture and chocolate are known endorphin stimulators.

We also now know that if we block some of the endorphin receptors for brief periods of time, say one or two hours a night, it stimulates the brain to release more endorphins. This is done through low doses of a drug called naltrexone.

When naltrexone is given in high doses for a heroin overdose, it will bind with every opium receptor-- even pushing out the heroin to bind preferentially with the endorphin receptors, thus stopping the respiratory failure that is the cause of so many addictsí death. Itís a lifesaver for heroin overdose and is standard treatment in Emergency Rooms.

Okay, so what does a treatment for heroin overdose have to do with autoimmune illnesses? Quite a bit it turns out. Remember Christelís famous question about how much are you enjoying your life? Well, it turns out that endorphins (ie, the brainís own opium) have quite a bit to do with enjoyment. If we are happy, weíre releasing a lot of these precious little neuro chemicals. And low doses of naltrexone also stimulate endorphin production.

Now this is where it gets really interesting: Guess where a lot of the endorphin receptors lie? If you say the brain, youíre partly right. But, if you say on the surface of every cell in the immune system, youíre spot on. Yep, it turns out that the immune system, which interestingly seems to occupy much of our intestines, is absolutely filled with endorphin receptors. In fact, over 90 percent of the immune cell receptors are endorphin receptors. Turns out that endorphins are fuel for a well functioning immune system.

Our immune system is just waiting for us to feel good! Can you believe it?! The immune system, all those macrophages, bone marrow progenitor cells, natural killer cells, B and T cells, and thymus cells are just coated with endorphin receptor sites. And endorphins are released when weíre happy. The cells that fight illness are big time receivers for our happy chemicals.

I want to mention here that there is some really awesome research being done on almost all autoimmune illnesses and low doses of naltrexone which stimulates endorphin production. This work is also being done on many types of cancers,HIV and AIDS.

Naltrexone is out of patent which means there is no big pharmaceutical money to be made off of it. With no big drug company research monies behind it research is funded by largely private foundations. It is exciting work, showing low dose naltrexone to be surprisingly effective, low cost and with virtually no side effects. Please visit lowdosenaltrexone.org for an eye-opening experience. And pass the word to anyone who is suffering from any of these illnesses.

The immune system doesnít function as well as it should when there is a deficiency of endorphins. It turns out that endorphins are likely involved even early on in the very development of a healthy immune system. In fact, research is indicating that autoimmune illnesses are not the result of an overactive immune system, but the symptom of an immune system lacking endorphins. Autoimmune equals endorphin deficiency. So back to Christelís question: how much are you enjoying your life?

Think about it: your first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, cancer and autoimmune illnesses is dependent on endorphins to be fully functional. Endorphins come about when we are happy. SoÖÖ is it just possible that your immune system and your ability to stay well are dependent on, wait for it, enjoying your life?

Christel has seen this energetically for years, and now science is starting to go in a similar direction. It is still difficult for a physician to prescribe happiness as a healing agent. But this is Christelís specialty. Every time she asks you a question in a workshop or in a Reading, every time you read something she has written or listen to her presentations, she is opening you up to see how you have been blocking your happiness and living out of alignment with your spiritual DNA. She knows if you can change this pattern, you will be much more in alignment with your spirit and that means much more happiness.

When she gives you your Priority Task, the one thing you need to do that will unlock your energetic blueprint, she is giving you the key to what you need to do to enjoy your life. Itís always a magical moment when Christelís eyes penetrate into someoneís soul and she speaks from that place of pure spirit. Itís one of my favorite things to watch.

Her mission is to bring the world to the tipping point of positivity. As one who has been on that journey and has a much brighter future because of it, I invite you to join us. Come to an event, listen to a CD, buy a book, raise your vibration. And know that you are on the cutting edge of mind-body-spirit health. - Rebecca Grace

(reproduced with permission)

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