Self Healing

Book: Psychic Self-Protection - Using Crystals to Change your Life
Author/Service Provider:Judy Hall

The ideal introduction to the subject of psychic self-protection.

This book introduces and explores crystals, visioning, journeying and many other tools. It will guide you towards confidence and safety, and help you learn how to:

discover inner peace through inner security
practice self-protection in any situation
unlock the power of your mind
release the unique healing energies of crystals
shape your belief into reality

About the Author, Judy Hall:

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counsellor for over thirty years. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. Her specialities are past life readings and regression; reincarnation, astrology, psychology and natural forms of healing.

She has conducted workshops around the world. A trained healer and counsellor, she has been psychic all her life and has a wide experience of many systems of divination and natural healing methods.