Self Healing

How to Use Image Visualization for Self Esteem
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Many people claim that image visualization can help you achieve goals and increase self esteem. During visualization, you replace negative images with positive ones. Use image visualization to improve the way you feel about your body. Raise your self esteem by creating love and acceptance of your external self.

Buy a book or CD from a professional visualization coach. Follow the steps to create a visualization technique. See Resources below.

Attend a seminar or workshop to help you learn visualization techniques. See Resources below.

Find a quiet time and place. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Get into a comfortable sitting or lying position. Close your eyes. Relax a part of your body with each breath until you feel calm and rested.

Open your eyes slowly. Look over your body. Think positive thoughts about your body. Imagine in detail the things you can do with your legs and arms. Imagine the feeling of movement in your limbs as you accomplish your goals.

Close your eyes and visualize your eyes and your facial features. Think to yourself how beautiful your face is. Think of the pleasant things you see with your eyes. Hear kind words coming out of your mouth.

Focus on your head and brain. Imagine good thoughts and intelligence moving through your brain.

Imagine a light in the center of your body that symbolizes all the good things that have happened and will happen in your life. Keep the sensation as you open your eyes.