Self Healing

How to Learn Matrix Energetics at Home
Author/Service Provider:Robin Reichert

According to Dr. Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D., the creator of Matrix Energetics, anyone can learn self-healing and teach others the same techniques. Matrix Energetics is described as the "science and art of transformation" in which the practitioner focuses her intent by transforming beliefs about the structure of reality, disease and healing the body. Matrix Energetics includes principles held in the field of quantum physics to develop the ability to access one's creative energy to heal the mind and the body. Matrix Energetics is described as consciousness technology that is a way to interact with the world.

Drop any preconceived notions that you are a "doer" and learn to explore whatever attracts your attention and go with the energy of your body. The matrix is a field of energy described as an "intelligent awareness" that anyone can tap into.

Ask questions about your perceptions. Ask yourself what you are not noticing about your body and the energy that surrounds you as you become more aware of your creative energy. This energy exists in all things throughout the universe.

Make a mental connection with the thing that you want to change. Use representational shapes to change or form a connection. For example, you may imagine a pain in your body as a sphere that you can rotate. Rotate the sphere in your mind until the pain is alleviated.

Work with a practitioner to explore wherever your mind and energy leads you. This can be done via the telephone at home. Practitioners engage your energy on a quantum level. Change can occur at the unconscious level to resolve problems or enhance positive life experiences.

Practice engaging your energy and the matrix daily to affect the physical world in new ways.