Self Healing

About Self Healing
Author/Service Provider:Robin Coe

Self healing involves healing and preventative care that focuses on the connection between mind, body and spirit. It is different than modern medicine because it focuses on healing the cause of the disease rather than just the symptom. Healing the self often uses techniques that derive from ancient beliefs and religious philosophies.

Massage does several things in the body that help with improving the general function as well as relieving specific health conditions. During massage, the breath deepens and blood vessels and capillaries dilate. This improves circulation and oxygenation in the body. Nutrients are also able to get where they are needed more efficiently. Tension and stress are relieved in the body through massage; waste and lactic acids that are toxic to the body are eliminated through the stimulation of glands.

Energy Work
Energy work improves the aura or energy that surrounds the body. It is believed that blockages or disturbances in the chakras, or energy vortexes, are signs of illnesses. Various methods can be used to balance the chakras to improve health. Each organ corresponds to a chakra. Healing can be facilitated through removing blockages in the chakra that relate to the organ needing stimulation. Crystal stones, Reiki and mediation are all methods of working with the aura and chakras.

Herbs are used in many different ways to help with self healing. They may be ingested as a food or tea, gargled, used as a compress or on the skin and hair. Different herbs are believed to contain different healing properties for various parts of the body or mind. Aromatherapy uses the inhalation of herbs to affect the limbic system, which controls many functions in the body that are important to overall health.

Color is believed to affect mood and health. Each chakra has a color associated with it and which can aid in healing that area. It is believed the vibrancy and energy of color can improve health. Each color has a different type of healing energy. Feng Shui uses color to create a space for healing within home and work environments. Hydrochomatic therapy is used to ingest color into the body by leaving water in a colored glass in the sun and then slowly sipping the water afterward. Colored light bulbs or color visualization can also be used for healing.

Affirmations and Visualization
Affirmation brings the mind into healing by reinforcing positive thought. Affirmations can be enhanced with visualizations that relate to the affirmation. Sometimes, a mirror is used to make the affirmation, a symbol, or they are written into a journal. Affirmations bring about the realization that self healing and reality can be created through thoughts and visions. Often, this is referred to as "mind over matter."

There are various types of exercises that can be used to help with self healing. Practicing various exercises can work on mind, body, spirit or a combination of all in unison. Meditation is used to improve mental concentration, relieve stress and provide clarity to the mind. Breathing exercises help to raise awareness or breath, make the heart rate fall and improve the overall health of the immune system. Various movement exercises such as yoga, tai chi or quiqong improve posture, energy flow through the body and the tone and strength of the physical body.