Self Healing

Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing Tips
Author/Service Provider:Alyson Paige

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui developed Pranic Healing based on the principle that the body can heal itself. Pranic healers use the body's energy to stabilize and awaken prana (life force). Pranic Healing tips include general self-healing, rhythmic breathing, relaxation, cleansing and energizing. Diet, hygiene and exercise are important elements for pranic health.

When you need to bring healing to you body, mind and spirit, begin with a general pranic healing practice. According to Life Positive, you can use your breath to send prana to any ailing area. Your hands become vehicles of healing as they push prana through all of your chakras. With concentration and relaxation, you rid your system of all impurities. Use general pranic self healing to create a receptive condition for further pranic healing or as a sole means of healing.

Rhythmic Breathing
With rhythmic breathing, you align your breath with your pulse. Concentration allows you to bring awareness of the connection between prana as it enlivens you through breath and through your heartbeat.

Relaxation, Cleansing and Energizing
Purify your mind with relaxation, cleansing and energizing. When your mind is cleared of anger, fear and anxiety, you are less prone to related physical ailments, such as headaches and muscle tension. Life Positive explains that this technique centers on your inhalations and exhalations. Every inhalation introduces mental health and purity; every exhalation releases negative energy and emotional pain. Relaxation, cleansing and energizing is a simple technique to begin your day or to start your day all over again when the going gets tough.

Pranic Principles
Life Positive recommends applying pranic principles to your daily life. Eat healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Support your breath with your diaphragm rather than with your upper chest. Diaphragmatic breathing is deep breathing. Thoracic breathing is shallow and doesn't allow prana to flow freely. Start and maintain an exercise routine to improve your circulation. Yoga or Tai Chi are healthy forms of exercise.