Self Healing

About Healing Qigong
Author/Service Provider:Gina Ponce

Qigong is a Chinese preventative and self-healing method that patients can learn from a teacher and perform themselves in an effort to improve their health. Qigong is deeply rooted in the belief that it is necessary to become conscious of the energy in life and control its flow through a specific composition of posture, movement, respiratory and meditation techniques. This in turn reduces and prevents stress that would normally cause things like high blood pressure and anxiety.

The healing Qigong technique dates back thousands of years to a form of dance used in preventing arthritis and releasing inactive energy.

People who use healing Qigong sensitize themselves to bodily functions, such as respiratory rates, blood pressure, and the flow of blood and nutrients that affect their organs. They also find ways to accommodate self-regulation and bring a healthy balance into their lives.

External Qi healing is a form of healing Qigong that focuses on specific exercises that aim to balance the body. Tai Chi is another style that focuses on bringing the entire body and mind back to their original peaceful conditions.

Time Frame
It takes a half hour to an hour for most people to complete a Qigong routine.

No technical devices are needed to perform healing Qigong, and patients using this method will gain a healthier lifestyle, a boost in vitality and a calm alertness of their surroundings.