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How to Use Healing Touch to Manage Pain
Author/Service Provider:Collaborator

There are many techniques used in Healing Touch to control pain. Indeed, pain reduction and relaxation are the two most common reported outcomes of Healing Touch intervention. What follows are several methods of using energy healing to decrease pain.

Use a pain scale to assess your client's pain level before and after treatment. A simple number scale from 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain imaginable) will provide a subjective measure of progress.

Manage pain from arthritis, bone fractures, tendonitis or joint injuries by performing Ultrasound. Hold your first two fingers and thumb together imagining a beam of energy flowing down the palm and through the fingers. Hold your opposite hand behind the area being treated as you keep your top hand moving across the treatment area.

Try the Laser technique for nerve tract pain or to break up stubborn energy blocks. Point one or all fingers at the problem area. Imagine a pulsing light flowing from your finger(s) and penetrating deep into your client. This is a powerful procedure and should only be used briefly.

Attempt to decrease localized pain through the Pain Drain technique. Place your left hand on or over the painful area with your right held down and away from the body. Hold the position until your client feels relief or the area is free of congestion. Switch hands placing your right hand on or over the problem area with your left hand held in the air. Imagine energy flowing down the left and right arms and into the area of concern.

Perform the Hands in Motion when managing general pain concerns. This method consists of brushing both hands down and away from the body in smooth continuous movements over the problem area until relief is felt. One common method is to move the hands down and out as though you are drawing a Christmas tree.