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Reiki Healing simply stated is the self healing of your own body and soul by using the universal positive energy. Absolutely anyone who has received the ability to channel this energy through their body has the ability to use self healing. They also have the ability to learn hands on healing, and the awesome healing power of energy therapy.

There is no certain religion, college degree, meditation levels, or general capability to learn Reiki. There are no restrictions on anyone from learning self healing. You need the ability to funnel the energy in the correct ways, which you can obtain through special Reiki preparation sessions that will show you the proper way to channel the powers.

Who Teaches You Reiki and Self Healing?

To learn the powers of self healing, energy therapy, hands on healing and all aspects of the teachings, you use to seek out a Reiki Master. This was a person who had been prepared to teach you in the correct methods and techniques of harnessing your inner powers. But today, it is seen as perfectly feasible by Reiki specialists to seek these teachings through the books and studies that are available to us. The main issues we have with the fees and the time to seek out a Reiki Master can definitely be avoided by the self learning of these techniques.

The original Reiki preparations were developed by Doctor Usui. They involved meditation techniques, Reiki principles, breathing techniques, and everything involved for you to prepare yourself and your body to receive the healing energy and self healing abilities. You were first taught how to have an open mind towards receiving the abilities of this healing. Then you would further your studies and learn hands on healing and the distance healing.
Levels of Reiki Healing

There are three levels that you must reach in order to be a Reiki master. In the first level, you learn the Reiki practices, why they are performed the way they are, and the importance of cleaning yourself before you learn to clean others. The second level will teach you Reiki's secrets, as well as the techniques that you will use to start healing others. And finally, in the third level you become the Reiki master, which gives you the ability to pass your knowledge onto others.

There is absolutely nothing in this program that says you must become a Reiki Master. If you are looking to only learn self healing, and not the healing of others, then you certainly could stop with your learning at that point. But once you see the powers that you obtain in self healing, one wonders why they would not wish to help others. You must understand that if that is your goal, you need to follow the teachings all the way through to become the Reiki Master. Self healing can and will help you both physically and spiritually.

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