Self Healing

Pranic Healing Techniques
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Pranic healing is a form of alternative medicine or therapy considered to be "energy medicine." Believers in Pranic healing feel that the body can heal itself and that by promoting a positive aura, or energy, we can facilitate that self healing. Choa Kok Sui is credited by PranicHealing.com as the founder of the no-touch Pranic Healing system, and reportedly developed many of the Pranic healing methods in use today.

Pranic Breathing
Pranic breathing is a simple Pranic Healing Technique designed to relax the body and promote a positive flow of energy in order to facilitate a positive lie energy or aura. According to the Jing-Qi-Shen foundation, sitting or standing with an erect or straight spine is the first step in Pranic breathing. Once you are properly aligned, relax your shoulders and put both hands on your lower abdomen, at approximately the level of your belly button. Press your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper front teeth, and ensure your tongue remains in this position throughout the breathing exercise. Slowly inhale air through your nose, until you can feel your lower abdomen extending slightly outward. Concentrate on the breath and hold the breath for a moment, before slowly releasing it. As you release the breath, you should feel your abdomen pulling back in slightly. This breathing cycle can be repeated several times, but you should stop immediately if you become dizzy.

Cleansing involves using various mechanisms to remove bad energy or to purify the aura. Pranic healing practitioners can use their hands in a certain combination of movements, occasionally combined with the use of specifically chosen colors, to cleanse the aura. Pranic healers believe that illness and disease first enter the "energy" or "aura" surrounding the body, prior to manifesting as an illness or disease. These specific hand motions remove these impurities and other negative energies, cleaning the aura.

Generally, the hands are swept over the entire body in broad movements or strokes to remove these negative energies. Occasionally, the hands also whirl or circle around the body. Specific hand movements depend on the type of impurities, and vary by situation. You can learn these hand movements by taking a course in Pranic Healing, or you can visit a Pranic Healer and allow them to heal you with their hands.

After the aura has been swept clean, positive energy should be transferred to you in order to replace the negative energy. The Pranic Healer can transfer this positive energy or Prana by channeling her own positive energy and the positive energy of the Universe. Crystals and wands are used at times, in order to help replenish and direct Pranic energy into you.

If you are performing Pranic healing on yourself, you can channel the positive energy available in the universe and redirect that energy into your own aura. It is important to first cleanse yourself to remove negative energy, before absorbing this positive energy. In order to fully learn and understand the techniques for absorbing the positive energy of the universe, it is generally necessary to read a comprehensive book on Pranic Healing and/or take a Pranic Healing Course. Choa Kok Sui has published several books for beginners and advanced students of Pranic healing that can provide you with the appropriate hand movements required to channel the positive energy of the Universe into your aura.