Self Healing

Balance for Self-Healing
Author/Service Provider:Page Turner

Many health maladies, disorders and diseases stem from some kind of imbalance. Perhaps that's why a growing number of mainstream medical and complementary techniques aim to reinstate balance in every aspect of health. Restoring the sense of balance in the brain, body, and emotions has the potential to correct and prevent a vast range of disorders. Research the available options and see a medical professional before adopting any new therapies.

A sense of balance comes from the vestibular system, the first sense to develop when a child is in the womb. The vestibular system regulates the organization of all brain processes. All other senses---visual, auditory, motor and tactile---develop in relation to this primary system of balance. Loss of physical balance can itself become a debilitating disease. Stroke victims and people suffering from chronic vertigo are often debilitated by a lack of balance.

Physical, mental and spiritual balance
Balance comes in many forms, from the physically apparent to the depths of the human spirit. The blood needs proper oxygen ratios from each breath to ensure blood flow and health to every cell in the body. The physical body requires proportionate growth and exercise to move through life. Humans also need a proper balance of emotional and spiritual experiences to maintain emotional and mental health.

Four elements
In Ayurveda, balance is based on the fundamental elements present in the body. Equilibrium of fire, wind, earth, and air must be preserved to establish balance of movement, metabolism and physical structure. Yoga seeks balance to the end of total union of body, mind and spirit. Using a combination of postures, breathing techniques and meditation, yoga strives to instill balance in every aspect of life. Scores of other fields of alternative and traditional medicine use a variety of techniques to restore balance, including a field called balance therapy.

The presence or absence of balance can influence physical function, appearance and poise. On a deeper level, it may determine psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Balance healing may correct many seemingly unrelated problems from memory to vision, depression to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Perform balance exercises regularly and practice balanced consumption to regain energy and health in all areas.

When proper balance is achieved, the benefits are apparent on many levels. Emotional balance results in a content, calm and creative personality. External physical balance helps ensure physical grace and strength, while internal physical balance contributes to a functional and disease-free body. High blood pressure, fatigue, depression and other disorders may be resolved by re-establishing proper balance.

Craniosacral therapy
Craniosacral therapy is based on the theory that stress creates imbalances in the flow of spinal fluid between the brain and the spinal column. Craniosacral practitioners try to relieve stored pressure on the brain by gently removing energetic blocks, restoring proper function to the central nervous system, and in turn, the entire body.