Self Healing

How to Perform Self-Reiki
Author/Service Provider:Alyson Paige

Reiki is a healing technique by which the practitioner senses energy (Chi) blockage in the body and promotes circulation of Chi throughout the Chakras, or energy centers. In order to practice Reiki on others with confidence, it is wise to practice on yourself. In addition to improving your Reiki skills, self-Reiki brings the benefit of balancing your own Chakras and harmony to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Performing Self-Reiki

Proceed with eyes wide shut and meditate. You must perform Reiki with attention and clarity. Clear your thoughts and focus your attention on the area between your eyebrows. Sitting comfortably, gently inhale through your mouth. Pause and release your breath through your nose. As you exhale, smile and know that you are centered in the present moment where all healing occurs. Continue for 15 to 20 minutes. When random thoughts occur, allow them to come and go. Return to your breath.

Stimulate your Crown Chakra and pineal gland, the governor of your upper brain and right eye. Lie down on your back. Gently place your fingertips, each thumb resting aside each index finger, hands on the sides of your head. Your fingertips should touch the middle of the top of your head. The heels of your hands will rest on your cheekbones. Rest easily until you sense it's time to move on.

Activate the Brow Chakra and and the pituitary gland. This will stimulate the lower brain, left eye, your ears, nose and central nervous system. Lay your hands over your face, fingertips on your forehead. Do not block your nose; you want to breathe easily.

Move on to the Throat Chakra by placing your hands around your throat, heels of your palms in the middle and fingers wrapped around toward the back. This treats the thyroid gland, which controls your lungs and alimentary canal.

Resting your hands on your solar plexus, fingertips barely touching at the middle, stimulate Chi in the Stomach Chakra. You are generating energy flow to your solar plexus and pancreas, which promotes health in your stomach, nervous system, gall bladder and liver.

Moving gently downward to above your waist, lay your hands with fingertips barely touching on either side of your navel. This is the area of the Sacral Chakra, the seat of energy for your body's reproductive system.

Stimulate Chi in the Base Chakra and create vitality. Rest your hands, fingers pointing at angles toward your groin. This position affects the adrenal glands, kidneys and spinal column.