Self Healing

How to Heal Your Holistic Self
Author/Service Provider:Alice Landry

Holistic healing starts with an understanding of your whole self, mind, body, heart and soul. When approaching wellness, it is important to assess your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of stability and functioning. Because your complete self is comprised of layers of invisible energy, ingrained values and beliefs, and elements you may not readily understand, you may find difficulty in admitting holistic imbalances. Through self-awareness and review of all aspects of yourself, you can determine what is not functional, create a plan for change and work on correcting self-destructive patterns and habits through holistic wellness techniques.

Mind/Mental/Thoughts -- Focus on the here and now. Stop thinking about past mistakes, consistently bring your attention to the present and allow positive thoughts and affirmations to act as a blueprint to create your future reality. Use a journal to record inspirational quotes, place motivational pictures and store humorous clips or comics.

Heart/Emotional/Feelings -- Relinquish the need to be a victim and choose a hero consciousness. Forgive yourself and others, show compassion and express gratitude for all that you have. Open your heart to give and receive love and stay centered on peace, integrity and self-empowerment. Set personal and professional boundaries with manipulating or dominating people and situations that drain your energy.

Body/Physical/Actions -- Treat your body as the sacred vessel it is. Get proper rest and exercise, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods. Take actions in life that are health-promoting and for your highest good. When you experience an ache or trouble in a certain body part, find a quiet place, intuitively listen to your body and discover the underlying cause that manifested the physical problem. For example, if your neck is stiff and hurting, are you being inflexible in some area of your life?

Soul/Spiritual/Purpose and Connections -- Live a more purposeful life by embracing your natural passions and talents, networking with others on a spiritual growth journey and respect nature, animals and the environment. Keep the faith in yourself and your higher power through daily prayer, meditation, dream analysis, journaling, yoga or other spiritual practices. Notice synchronicity and follow through with divinely guided messages.