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Vancouver: Early November Along English Bay
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 12 November 2011

English Bay in a reflective mode (I left the picture full screen
so you can get a feel for English Bay's beauty under the rain):

Same location, looking towards Kitsilano:

Half a kilometer to the West, the Sea Wall near Second Beach:

And the bicycle path just above:

A normally very popular spot at Second Beach, the fast
food concession area will now be empty until late Spring:

Even the public announcements post on
Haro Street gets a nostalgic look these days:

But here is a bright spot on Pendrell Street:

A welcome colorful highlight during
the rainy season autumn after autumn:

When I use the zoom function on my camera, the
resulting pictures - bad resolution or whatever - look
like impressionist paintings. This red maple at English
Bay is one of the most beautiful pictures I ever took:

Health zoom: If you feel you need more red in
your aura at this moment, just take a minute
to absorb the deep natural richness of this one:

Viewed from a distance: