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Vancouver: My favorite sights downtown
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 29 October 2011

The best coffee in North America: Caffè Artigiano where
their coffee is simply enthralling... Their baristas often
win prizes for the artistry of their coffee presentations:

The sidewalk in front of a Caffè Artegiano store where
there is often a long line of business people waiting with
their briefcase in one hand and cell phone in the other:

One of my favorite places in Vancouver, the Cascades Lounge at the
Pan Pacific Hotel; Stanley Park's Denman Island in the background:

Two steps higher than the Lounge, a quiet and reflective
environment where to watch the rain falling on the terrace
and blend with the Native American mystique of the location:

Same place, looking to the right:
One of the 5 sails of the Convention Center:

One block to the right of the Pan Pacific, the Sky Train
and Sea Bus station (ferries to North Vancouver), a former
railway station with interesting ceilings (worth visiting):

One block to the left, the beautiful Sinclair Center, one of
the few historic buildings of Vancouver, a very young city:

A few more blocks to the left, nice perspective
on North Vancouver between the new highrises:

And a few more blocks to the left: View of the Landmark
Hotel with its revolving restaurant (having dinner at this
restaurant is worth the trip to Vancouver):

One of my favorite hotels, the historic Vancouver Hotel built
by the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National Railways
(same style as Chateau Frontenac, Royal York, Chateau Laurier,
etc. built along the railroads crossing Canada from sea to sea):

My little hiding place at the Vancouver Hotel, second floor...

…with my favorite ceiling in Vancouver:

Zoom on my ceiling: