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Mexico: Beautiful blouses handmade in Oaxaca, lovely jewels ... And a Big Hug
Date: 21 November 2010

Each time I miss my Mom a little too much, or if I feel lonely, I make it a point to pass in front of Betty and her daughter Rosa Maria's shop on Lopez Mateos in Ensenada (same block as El Rey Sol, same side of the street). And Betty gives me a big hug (without me even asking). And I leave feeling like a billion bucks...

I bought absolutely beautiful blouses at Betty's shop, vibrant colors, all hand made and extensively embroidered in Oaxaca, Mexico. I wear them with 4 silver semanarias which are 7 bracelets tied together, one for each day of the week (the Spanish word "semana" means "week"). And, like in the song, "I feel pretty".

They also sell delightful silver jewels. Like Armando's store two doors away, it's a perfect place for visitors who want to bring small (and big) Mexican souvenirs for their loved ones back home.