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Mexico: Vegan / vegetarian life in Ensenada
Date: 21 October 2010

I find everything I need here. It's just a matter of asking Alexandra, Louis, Jorge or Omar at one of my favorite restaurants or espresso shops and right away they draw a map on my napkin... 2 blocks this way, turn right... and there I go...

In restaurants, eating vegan is easy; eating vegetarian is easier. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies at Soriana, the supermarket.

And there is a store that sells organic food and products like shampoo, soap, etc. It's called La Milpa, at 246 Calle Espinoza (traveling south on Lopez Mateos the main tourist street, 2nd street on the left south of the bridge), facebook: lamilpacnaturista. Ignacio Beamonte, the Director General, is extremely knowledgeable in alternative medicines; he is simply wonderful, a true Healer. His website: http://www.bajakelp.net

Photo below: Luis, at the excellent restaurant called La Tortuga