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Beauti-ful Nanaimo-Vancouver Ferry Trip on the Queen of Oak Bay
By:Sarah in British Columbia
Date: 7 May 2016

I dedicate this page to my friend Fiona who was waiting for me at the end of this beautiful trip in British Columbia, Canada. Her full name is Fiona She-Who-Adds-Sparkle-to-Misty-Scenes (friends with names like that are precious during misty seasons).

Google Map, below, showing that our national Highway #1, which goes “A Mari Usque Ad Mare” (the Canadian motto – From Sea to Sea) becomes a beautiful ferry trip between Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay terminal) and Nanaimo (follow the maple leaves on the map):

Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, has a comfortable and inspiring modern ferry terminal. With a coffee shop...

...and with a terrace from where we can almost touch the ferry when it docks:

First view of the 8:30 morning sun on the Salish Sea from the sun deck of the Queen of Oak Bay:

Looking back at Vancouver Island:

Now looking North and East - Views of the Mainland with snowcapped mountains:

On the picture below, if you look carefully at the horizon, you will see the buildings of downtown Vancouver in the middle of the picture, the Endowment Lands of the University of British Columbia on the immediate right of downtown, and Stanley Park just on the left of dowtown, all beautiful places on Earth....

Views of the Mainland while approaching Horseshoe Bay – aren’t these mountains impressive?

Getting real close to the harbor:

Look at this cute-cute little house just on the point of the harbor before docking:

Horseshoe Bay is a busy and efficient terminal, serving all the islands of the area:

Same location but looking towards the back of the ferry at the snowcapped mountains of the Mainland

And looking towards the dock again: The marina of Horseshoe Bay (you will find gorgeous pictures of Horseshoe Bay on google search):

The reward at the end of the trip: The Trolls Restaurant:

In addition to a well-designed dining room and to nice staff, Trolls has gorgeous views of the Bay; it’s worth going there for breakfast or lunch from Vancouver (half an hour drive) just for the view (which we don't see on this picture, unfortunately):