Sarah’s Travels

Horseshoe Bay
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 11 October 2015

Horseshoe Bay is a lovely little port where ferries come and go to/from the islands nearby including Vancouver Island (I recommend the ferry trip to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island). There is an excellent bus service from Vancouver. And the road from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay (Sea to Sky Highway) is beautiful in itself. My refuge when city life becomes too noisy. The pictures below were taken on a rainy day, but the place was still very pleasant, the rain was part of the native Indian mystique.

There are good restaurants with view on the Bay, coffee shops, beer, souvenirs made by native Indians, etc

But we come here for the view:

The Boathouse:

The Sewells Marina:

Floating board walk:

Small ferry arriving at the terminal:

Mysterious foggy peaks in the background:

The cute little blue coffee shop beside the Marina has this palm tree garden that does not immediately fit with the rest: It's like a California flashback in the middle of a rainy daydream, we can almost hear the Papas and the Mamas's "California Dreaming":

The cute little blue coffee shop and its terrace:

Painted dolphin near the ferry terminal:

"Sea To Stream" painted by Vicki English. This is the "stream" side of the eagle:

The "sky" side of the eagle:

"The Spirit of Saint Louis", painted by Karel Doruyter: