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The Road to Whistler BC: Part 4 - They worked hard!
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 20 September 2015

The road to Whistler (Google Map below) is now a totally beautiful highway that I highly recommend. But it was only for the Winter Olympic Games of 2010, partially held in Whistler, that this road was widened and straightened. Before, it had the reputation of being a dangerous windy road with numerous fatal accidents year after year.

But it's now a very pleasant road. As there is a price to everything though, some of the price to pay for the improvements to this road came from budget cuts in some services offered by the BC government in the preparation for the Olympics. For example, old people with dementia in nursing homes paid some of the price, the ratio of health workers per patient having increased to 25 patients for one worker according to the staff of some nursing homes. I heard about the results myself as one of my friends who had placed her mother in a nursing home, where she was left totally isolated behind a closed door, was able to take her mother out of the nursing home in the middle of the evening of the same day, with 5 bags of clothes and teddy bears hanging from the wheelchair, without anybody at the nursing home noticing, even one hour later as the daughter called the nursing home to notify them that her mother was no longer there. The health worker who picked up the phone could not believe that the mother was no longer there because they had not noticed anything... So, a silent price was paid by the most vulnerable in order to dynamite the rocks and straighten the road. I dedicate the photos below to all the old and frail senile ladies who could not eat their dinners because there was nobody to bring the food to their mouth.

Google Map of the Sea to Sky Highway: