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Stanley Park - Part 1: Real Nice Orbs
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 12 August 2015

I discovered these 5 gems in the middle of some 350 photos of Stanley Park taken very quickly on a sunny day at the end of May. Some orbs seems to appear at the same location in 2 photos, but on closer look, they are not in the same location.

There are at least two orbs at the very top of the picture, one in the middle of the trunk of the tree and one on the right of the trunk. Hard to tell if the lower portion of the light on the left is just the reflection of the sun or a third orb. In my experience, orbs do not touch each other, there is always a good distance between them, but here we see at least two that touch each other:

There is a big (but not very bright) orb on the trunk of the first tree on the left, just above the middle of the photo:

This is "my favorite tree in the whole world" and to my delight - but not to my surprise - it has a big orb in the middle, just above the first branch from the ground:

Big colorful orb on the left, one of the nicest I ever photographed. Notice the solid blue aura on the left:

Wow!! Three orbs on this photo: One, whitish, in the middle of the trunk right in the center of the photo, a beautiful blue one at the top of the photo slightly on the right of the trunk, and another blue one beside it, in the top right corner. It's interesting to note on the same photo the difference in color between the whitish orb and the 2 blues ones that look like soap bubbles: