Sarah’s Travels

Stanley Park - Part 3: Big trees
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 11 August 2015

The sign below reminds us that the life of a tree is not always easy…. “The violent windstorm of December 2006 severely damaged more than 10% of the Stanley Park forest, downing over 10,000 trees…" When we walk in the Prospect Point area of Stanley Park, the locals can tell the difference between the decimated skyline of today and the one of 10 years ago. Beside windstorms, tall trees often fall in Stanley Park because their roots are very shallow (roots 18 inches deep are not uncommon for a very tall tree). The reason is that the roots do not have to go deep or far to find water because of the more than frequent rainfalls; so they remain at the surface where they find everything they need. Which makes the trees vulnerable to being uprooted when the wind is strong.

For those of you who like big trees, here are my favorites: