Sarah’s Travels

Mexico: Guadalupe (25 miles north east of Ensenada)
Date: 18 September 2010

Holy crap... I literally saw myself today spitting on my riding goggles to wipe out a smashed fly with a dirty Kleenex... I am free!! I got rid of all that crap that I studied in school and universities (I am a lawyer by background). I have reached my core. And I can clear my riding goggles when I need to.

Although I will always be a feminine woman (I look cute in a short dress, wearing 10 pounds of beads around my neck), I walk my bike backwards 50 feet in railroad gravel twice a day. My Harley boots are now John Wayne boots; I don't even wash them anymore. And my bike, Baby Buell, is now a guerilla bike, all dusty and developing a little I'm-nice-and-small-but-don't-mess-with-me attitude.

When I am part of a spontaneous team of 8 drivers at a downtown Ensenada busy 4 lanes x 4 streets stop-sign-only intersection, where everybody has a different version of what a stop sign is or could be, we look at each other's eyes, without stopping, and I manage to save my ass each time. It's because my bike is small, strong, reliable and nimble. She is perfect when it comes to "getting out of there" quickly. Eric Buell, if you ever read this, I RESENT that you took one of Baby Buell's brothers one day and compressed him into a 18" x 18" cube. That was not funny. Baby Buell is my life line. I owe her (she's a girl) my life very day: at "pool break" intersections, on dark murderous highways at night, on STEEP hills like you have never seen.... We live wonderful adventures together. I trust her because she is a reliable bike. She is a Buell. She is a Buell, Eric, she is a Buell. I hope one day you will apologize for what you did. Apologize or not, I love you.

This is the entrance gate/monument of the town: See anything at the top of the tower? See bells in the tower? See the 3 beer barrels on the left? My type of town!!

Ubiquitous Tecate signs, beacons of light:

Look at the Tecate beer sign on the left (below the Pemex sign). And look at the Tecate road sign on the right. Now you understand why the Tecate beer is called Tecate. And why there are so many Tecate signs....

I noticed that despite the dust roads all around, all the vehicles are sparkling and dust-free. It's because there are TWO car washes in this little town. Here is one:

The cottage industry seems bristling on the main street - Way to go, Guadalupe!

More street vendors:

And more:

Wine tasting sign - isn't it a lovely scene:

Leonardo's Bar:

La Cabana Restaurant where I had a cold Coke, indoors, just under the air conditioning box that you see below - that felt soooo gooood...

Baby Buell seems totally at home there (it's the entrance of town, just opposite the monument above):

I went back to take a pic of this cute house, with the moon crescent on the side: