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Stanley Park - Part 6: Prospect Point
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 1 August 2015

Prospect Point appears at the very top of the map of Stanley Park (center):

On the way to/from Prospect Point, one of the paths passes near the Southern entrance of the Lions Gate Bridge. The sculpture below hides one of the most dangerous spots I have ever experienced in my whole life (and I traveled to 45 countries): On the left or on the right (I won't go back to check) of the sculpture is the bicycle path that comes from the Lions Gate Bridge and that will lead to Stanley Park. Cyclists come from North and West Vancouver on this path at full bicycle speed because it's a downhill. Most of them look like experienced cyclists, wearing all the expensive Italian designer gear, looking like tall slim middle aged professional men: Men that you feel you could meet the next day as your doctor in an Emergency Ward or as your lawyer in a court room. But at this point, they look like they are unleashing their inner psychopath and they charge on pedestrians - who do/can not see them coming - like pedestrians do not matter at all, like it's open hunting season on pedestrians. They pass on inch from your body, they don't ring a bell, they don't warn, they don't slow down, they pass so fast that you can feel the draft on the skin of your face. The City of Vancouver should do something about this very dangerous location, like a fence that would force the cyclists to disembark and walk their bikes for a few feet. If you find yourself at this location, which is approximately 500 feet from Prospect Point, be very vigilant.

Coming back to beautiful Prospect Point, there is a restaurant with terrace at the back that has one of the best views of the area. And a fire place. It's simply called the Prospect Point Restaurant. The front of the restaurant has an informal terrace (picture below), an ice cream window, a gift shop and a coffee kiosk a few feet away:

The Canadian flag:

The staircase leading to the observation deck:

The lower level of the observation deck:

View from the upper level deck:

View towards the right/East: Second Narrows (the entrance to the Port of Vancouver) under the Lions Gate Bridge

View in front/facing North: West Vancouver

View towards the left/West

More beautiful views: