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Hundreds of Orbs during Evening Service of Holy Saturday 2015, also a Blood Moon Evening
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 16 April 2015

For those of you who are not familiar with orbs appearing on photos, I used arrows in the previous post of mid March 2015 to highlight them – See “Lots of orbs in front of the Alcala Mission”. The photos belows were taken during the evening service at the Alcala Mission, on Holy Saturday April 4, 2015, which was also a full Blood Moon evening. The photos were taken in the residential community across the street from the Mission; you will see the full moon on many photos and hundreds of orbs.

Orbs seen from the lane facing the Mission - you can see them in the bottom half of the photo:

On this picture, the orbs are all over the place:

From one of the residential lanes (the big one in the top portion of the picture is the full moon):

The full moon appears just below the branches. And the space below has many orbs:

The orbs are all over the place, among cars, under carports, near houses and fire hydrants….

The plaque on this monument tells the story of one of the founders of the Mission who was murdered 2 centuries ago at/near this location. I was also told that there was a cemetery at this location. The two little lights at the top of the monument are not the full moon and they are not electrical lights in the background; they are bright orbs:

This is the field near the monument, full of orbs:

Same field, different angle:

The photo below does not show any orbs but I find that the silhouette of the tree makes a dramatic statement on an evening like tonight: