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The Old Mission Dam in the Mission Trails Regional Park
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 22 February 2015

The little dam on the San Diego River is at the Eastern end of the Junipero Serra Bike Trail that I mentioned in an earlier post:

About 2 miles East of the intersection of Highway 15 and Highway 52:

Construction was finished by 1813 but the dam was not used long because of constant floods:

Replica of the dam:

The dam. Notice the very happy white dog on the small sand island. He had a great time just after this photo, rolling himself on the wet sand and swimming around:

The other side of the dam:

View from the path:

The area is impeccably maintained:

We can see the small water fall from the path, through the branches:

There are many other trails in the area. This sign, at the bottom, shows the grade of the path (0 to 5%), a nice touch:

There are other stops on the Junipero Serra Trail that offer a nice view of the San Diego River near the dam:

With lots of information signs:

A pleasant and serene place where to remember those who were here long before us:

And those who are still here:

The fine-fine sand path, a cyclist's dream....