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The Junipero Serra bike trail (between Mission Valley and Santee): A little slice of heaven...
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 20 February 2015

Ohhhh it's nice...Truly a little slice of heaven. And bless the heart of the one who fought for his/her idea to separate the bicycle/pedestrian lane from the car lane: It's like going home for Christmas dinner, you feel that someone cares, that someone wants you to have a nice and safe ride (compare that with the downhill "bike path" of Fairmount Avenue Expressway where one has to vigorously push back the thought that the designers of the path wanted cyclists to turn into roadkill). I highly recommend the Junipero Serra bike trail.

Easy to access from Mission Gorge Road:

See... bicycles and pedestrians on one side, cars on the other side:

The lanes are separated all the way:

My bike is happy there:

Seriously, look at this happy bike:

Bumps keep the car traffic slow while still easy on bicycles:

Nice views on both sides:

The feeling of freedom is high with views like these:

Hills are gentle:

I leave this one to your imagination but, personally, if I had to reincarnate as a rock, I would chose the fat one on the left and would remain like that, cheek to cheek with the loved one for thousands of years, no arguments, no drama:

The lone wolf:

Another gentle hill: