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One of the wonderful bike paths of San Diego: The Ocean Beach Bike Path
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 17 February 2015

I like to ride early morning, when the sun is still low. There are not many cyclists. Life is serene. The view on this path is soothing (following a river is meaningful to my reptilian brain). Here are the best spots on this route that I take once a week, on my way to my Tae Kwon Do lesson (20 miles, return).

Going West, towards the mouth of the San Diego River, which keeps enlarging:

And... this is the reward at the end of the path: Ocean Beach.
The "village" area of Ocean Beach is a place that delights my inner hippie (will post pictures in a few weeks).

The view on the way back facing East, starting with my favorite palm tree, with the wind in my back (after one hour of Tae Kwon Do, I need to have the wind in my back):