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My Favorite San Diego Breakfast Restaurants
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 16 February 2015

My favorite, year after year, remains the Coyote Cafe in the Old Town
(more than a breakfast restaurant though, open until 10:30 pm).
Here is one third of the building (it's a huge restaurant):

My favorite spot is the breakfast patio where they change the color of the paper flowers on the tables every month, a nice touch (February's flowers are pink and red, January's were blue, December's were red and green, etc):

There is a lady (in pink, on the left hand side of the photo) who starts making tortillas at around 7:00AM. It smells and feels so good when you arrive cold after a sunrise 10 mile bicycle ride:

I bring my bicycle near my table, so I don't have to worry about locking it outside.

My second favorite was Coco's in Mission Valley (at the end of Friars, corner of Mission Gorge Rd) but the restaurant, together with dozen others of the same chain, closed on April 1, 2015. From the notice on the door, it seems that the employees did not even know; I think they learned it when they arrived at the door on that morning. I really miss that restaurant because of its staff and I feel sorry for the way they were treated when the restaurant closed.

They intuitively understood that a cyclist who arrives at 6:30AM in February is cold... So they would bring coffee right away.... Aww... those precious moments when cold turns to warm and their kindness makes you think of the place as home. Below, the nice Florentine omelette that follows the coffee:

The Broken Yolk in Mission Valley is nice. A little pricey. Quite large. It has the feel of a business, it's not a place that I would call home, but it's good, people like it, it's usually full.

A mexican breakfast at the Broken Yolk:

Another of my favorite Old Town restaurants: The Dining Room, where I like to eat outdoors with my bicycle near my table:

At O'Hungry next door, breakfasts are inexpensive. You get a beer mug for $2. They take the mugs from the freezer, with ice all around, before filling them with tap beer: it's really delicious as an alternative to coffee in the morning, it has the same biting effect that wakes you up.

The walls and most of the surfaces (except the ceilings, at the moment) are covered with dollar bills where people sign their names (foreign currencies too, lots of Chinese renminbis):

The ice cold beer mug mentioned above:

PS Feb 22, 2015: I did it !!! Took me 3 visits to find the right place: Second dollar bill below the bamboo curtain. It says "Sarah SR", SR for Spiritualist Resources. I stuck it there, standing on a chair, sending light to all those who will see this dollar bill and to all those who will see this picture:

I never dared asking if it is a real Tiffany lamp... does not matter, I like colorful shining objects, so here is the lamp:

PS Feb 28, 2015: I dared, I asked about the lamp and was told: "It has been here forever. At least 5 years". I touched it, and it is not plastic. It's heavy. So, it's a glass replica of a Tiffany. OK.... here is a close up taken this morning... aren't the colors mesmerizing...?

Below, a delicious Mexican Burrito breakfast at Coyote Cafe: