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Awwww.... those huge Mexican breakfasts - Part 1: El Fandango, Living Room, Casa De Reyes
By:Sarah in the Old Town of San Diego
Date: 22 June 2014

After a 10 mile bicycle ride from Mission Valley to the Old Town, it's a pleasurable moment to sit down in a quiet restaurant just as they open for breakfast, before the tourists start arriving, with your favorite waiter, favorite cat, favorite table, a beer, favorite dish being prepared.... life is good....

Many of the restaurants are on San Diego Avenue (right in the middle of "The Tourist Trap" or nearby). Here are my favorites:

El Fandango: They offer 2 glasses of complimentary champagne with the big breakfast, a pleasant way to start brunch (and the 20 mile return trip on the bicycle will take care of the extra calories). This is where I bring my bicycle inside the court yard (early morning when the place is almost empty):

The other facade of the restaurant:

Very relaxed atmosphere in the court yard, I could go there every day:

That's their fajitas, excellent:

And my favorite cat. He is perfect for the job, does not bother anybody, does not ask for food, just goes around each table every 5 minutes. With a cool attitude like that, of course he gets a lot of pats and a lot of food:

Casa De Reyes where the waitresses wear traditional Mexican dresses; it's nice but a bit too formal for me who likes to bring my bicycle beside my table in the court. But food is good. And the yard is very nice:

Living Room, just across the street from the Immaculate Conception Church (where I always go meditate for half an hour after breakfast):

Breakfast at the Living Room: