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Awwww.... those huge Mexican breakfasts - Part 2: Coyote Cafe
By:Sarah in the Old Town of San Diego
Date: 22 June 2014

The Coyote Cafe is well known in San Diego. Although it is quite a large place as you can see, it is often full, both tourists and locals. My favorite table is on the terrace on the left of the photo, where there is always a lady making fresh tortillas that the waiter will bring with my breakfast. It's my favorite place, by far:

The front yard of the cafe, seen from the second floor:

The main dining room, a relaxing atmosphere:

The clock, plants, bright colors: They create a pleasant informal environment where to decompress and forget the day-to-day concerns:

There is this little nook for 2 tables adjacent to the central section where they allow me to lock my bicycle early in the morning when this section is still empty (shhh... it's a secret) instead of having to lock the bike on the sidewalk; it's little attentions like that that make you prefer a restaurant over all the others:

The central section, seen from the second floor:

Below: "Cafe Coyote, Where San Diego Goes to Howl" (could not resist taking this photo while my waiter was busy at another table):