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The Del Coronado Hotel: The Beach (always!), some nostalgia and some artistic railings
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 18 June 2014

If there is a sight in this world that means “infinity” to me, it is this one:

A bit to the left:

A few feet behind, the perfect landscaping of the grounds of the Del:

I was a bit surprised to discover this Border Patrol SUV on the beach, discreetly parked near the Hotel:

Part of the mystique of the Del: Marilyn Monroe stayed here in 1958 during the filming of Some Like It Hot. This Dragon Tree was used as a backdrop:

Dragon Tree:

And now some nice railings. This one is on a little bridge on the jogging path near the Hotel, going towards the South:

Same motif 2 and 3 stories higher on the balconies:

Leading to the shower:

This one is near the entrance of the hotel on Orange Avenue (which becomes Silver Strand Boulevard - Highway 75):