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Mexico: La Ruta Del Vino Part 2. Can't get enough of that road...
Date: 15 September 2010

I went back today to La Ruta Del Vino because the pavement is very good and there is almost no traffic, an ideal place where to leisurely enjoy one beautiful scenery after another. Today's pictures were taken between 30 and 50 miles from the coast, an area that is more desertic than the first 30 miles of yesterday (previous post). My goal was to reach Tecate near the US border, where the famous Tecate beer is made, but I had to stop some 10 to 20 miles before because the road is under construction and I did not want Baby Buell, my bike, to have to go through miles of rough gravel/dust road.

Today I really felt that I was smashing, for myself - nothing to prove to anybody else, the prototype of the lone woman who can't ride on a remote road and the media-tarnished image of Mexico these days as being a dangerous place to visit. I have a good intuition and I never felt in any type of danger on that road.

Because there was no traffic, I stopped my bike on the asphalt within one foot of the shoulder, focussing intensely on a nice curve ahead (second picture below) when... WHOOOSHHHHH this big truck passed within one foot of me. I had no business stopping there. BTW, "Lala" is the name of a (delicious) yogourt:


This is the picture that I was in the process of taking when I came one foot from becoming an ex blogger. You can see my Lala truck in the distance.

About mid way, there was a military checkpoint (made of tires stacked one on top of each other). I did not take a picture of the checkpoint itself or the soldiers in order not to upset them. Young soldiers. Very nice. The first time I stopped at the checkpoint, the young soldier asked me to open my two saddle bags, which I did with pleasure. He then saw my California licence plate and asked "Los Angeles?" On my way back, I stopped at the same checkpoint, but on the other side of the road, and the other young soldier waved me good bye while nicely asking "You are from Los Angeles?" I was almost sorry that he did not ask me to open my saddle bags...

A nice view 100 feet South of the checkpoint.

The scenery of the Southern half of La Ruta is more desertic than the Northern half (my blog of yesterday below).

But still beautiful:

More wine making stuff...

There was one green field: