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Temptation in San Diego's Old Town: A sea of small, adorable and totally useless but totally irresistible objects
By:Sarah in California
Date: 26 December 2013

Guys won't understand this page because they get totally annoyed at this type of things. But many gals understand that the US economy is 70% based on consumerism. So, let's see... First you enter a yard in the Old Town of San Diego for example ... nice but nothing really special... You keep walking, it's good exercise after a big Mexican breakfast.

But it soon becomes personal the moment you find yourself face to face with "the things":

You move away will self-assurance, repeating to yourself that you don't need any of these things, which is totally true:

But without realizing it, you have come closer and closer because the colors of "the things" are so vibrant, and oops... there is one color scheme in particular that matches exactly with something that you love in your house... Oh no....another one... Which one to chose? So you buy 4. Because you can't carry more than 4.

And as you are ready to leave, full of happiness and full of shame, and because you are now weaker, you can't resist the last emotional face to face with the raw certitude that these cheerful chakra-colored shining things will bring so much life to the 4 bolas that you just bought, to your living environment, and to your life.... And here you go again... helping the economy.

Closeup on one of the inner reasons why your arms are now full of things (even the lady at the cash register feels sorry that you have to carry all that): See this dark red apple in the middle, the one that makes you feel like Eve in the Garden... By the way, I totally support Eve.