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San Diego's Balboa Park - Part 5: Special Trees
By:Sarah in San Diego
Date: 24 September 2013

This Moreton Bay fig tree is a BIG tree, as you can see from the relative size of the cars parked behind. I am glad that it is protected all around by a fence.

Base of the tree:

According to the sign placed under the tree, large trees contribute $65/year back to the environment: "Trees contribute to our environment by producing oxygen, reducing temperature, carbon-dioxyde and stormwater runoff, improving property value and providing wildlife habitat. Scientists have developed value formula to determine the cost benefit of trees. The Center for Urban Forest Research states that trees over 50 feet tall contribute about $65.00/year back to the environment. Smaller trees contribute $18-36.00/year back to the environment. There are about 20,000 trees in Balboa Park which contribute a value of one million dollars per year back to our environment. Big trees like the Moreton Bay Fig enhance the park, provide a [word missing] to our community and a legacy to our children."

This snaky tree in the center of the picture is unusual, isn't it?

Zoom on the snaky tree (which looks like a cactus):

I cheated a bit and enhanced the colors of this picture which now looks kitsch but it gives good energies:

Quadruplets (two can't live without each other):

Tree with red flowers