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Mexico: La Ruta Del Vino. Wow!
Date: 12 September 2010

Ohhh... Mexico has impressed me again! I overcame the fear of riding alone in a new territory - I used fear as a power, and it felt so good!! - and I am just back from a wonderful motorcycle ride 35 miles inland from Ensenada, Mexico on the modern and impeccably clean highway called La Ruta Del Vino. I was explained that wine is a big industry in this part of Mexico, and this is why the 4 lane highway (which turns into a nice 2 lane highway) was so well designed and is so well maintained.

I was delighted to see a mile long of solar-panelled street lights:

A Welcome sign on La Ruta Del Vino:

The highway is impeccably clean and the drivers respect the speed limits, making it a very pleasant and carefree first-time ride where there is plenty of time to enjoy the various types of sceneries:

Another view of the impeccable highway:

Beautiful fields:

Baby Buell, my bike, with her antennas high in the air like Wall-E in the cartoon movie, scanning the L.A. CETTO winery sign and landscape:

More of L.A. CETTO:

The bridge of Guadalupe (in real life, the stones on the hills seemed to be of the same yellow as the bridge):

The road to San Antonio (more wineries):

How I look like when I ride alone in a new territory: