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Beach stops North of San Diego on Hwy 101 between Encinitas and La Jolla
By:Sarah in California
Date: 7 May 2013

Carfiff Beach, almost in front of Ki's Restaurant:

Looking North:

Looking South:

Magnificent SoCal views along Hwy 101 just before Torrey Pines, looking North:

In case like me you wonder why this area was called Torrey Pines, here it is: On the History page of the website of the Torrey Pines State National Reserve we can read about the naming of the Torrey Pine in 1850: "This was the year that California became a State of the Union. Parry was in San Diego as botanist for the US - Mexico Boundary Survey. Parry named the tree for his friend and colleague, Dr. John Torrey, of New York. Torrey was one of the leading botanists of his time."

Looking South:

Below, Life in Blue Major through the mirrors of my faithful Baby Buell: