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Another Cantina bar in Pacific Beach, California: The very photogenic Cabo Cantina
By:Sarah in California
Date: 24 April 2013

I tend to be perfectionist (although less and less as I am very well aware that perfectionism is an illness - balance is the virtue, not perfection) and I like to live in a very clean and organized environment, so going to Cabo Cantina gives me a break from my little organized world, a break that provides room for other views of the world, for different feelings.

The terrace as viewed from Garnet Street:

The entrance to a mini world where you can just be yourself, nothing much is expected from you (except to pay for the meal and not to hit other patrons with your motorcycle helmet). It's a feeling of freedom, of redemption: Whatever you did or did not do, whatever your karma, you are OK there as you are - I guess it feels like that when entering the Spirit World:

The Sistine Chapel of Pacific Beach:

The left of the Sistine Chapel:

And its ceiling:

Back area:

The cryptic mirror... A lot of souls look at it trying to see the meaning of their life in the Here and Now, without mythology, just as life is:

My favorite spot:

The delicious fajitas, a motherly comfort at the end of a tiring day of riding - Thank you!