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Pacific Beach Cantina
By:Sarah in California
Date: 3 April 2013

Pacific Beach reminds me a little of my dear Venice Beach (a friend once compared both by saying that Venice Beach is a mix of flavored ice creams while Pacific Beach is more like vanila ice cream). And the Pacific Beach Cantina reminds me of Venice's Cabo Cantina which is half a block from the sand at the end of Washington Blvd in Venice. The decoration of both bars is close but the ocean is badly missing from Pacific Beach Cantina... Drunk or not, people can see the sunset on the Pacific Ocean on the terrace of Cabo Cantina's second floor in Venice and that is irreplaceable. (Note: For privacy, on the pictures, I covered the patrons and staff with blue rectangles)

Pacific Beach Cantina, the terrace (notice the many TV screens):

The entrance where the nice host/bouncer once asked the old lady wearing a motorcycle helmet to leave the helmet at the door because drunk patrons are known to smashing each other on the head with helmets:

The bar (more TV screens):

If you have ever asked yourself how your living room would look like if the walls were covered with TV screens and they all played a different channel, here is the answer:

Excellent Fajitas (I have one once a week):