Sarah’s Travels

My pilgrimages at the Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano
By:Sarah in California
Date: 2 April 2013

Note: For privacy, on the photos I covered the patrons with blue rectangles

For people who value freedom above anything else (like I do), this is THE pilgrimage!
I will let the pictures talk for themselves as there are deep values in life that are better felt in silence than talked about.

Notice the bras hanging from the ceiling...

The second room:

Where the bands play:

The bar. More bras hanging from the ceiling...

The last time I was there, in March 2013, there was a Western Festival going on. Out of the blue, with a lot of Awww's from the patrons, the face of a horse appeared in the main door. The horse would have probably come inside but the cavalier was sitting too high for the door, so all we got was the lovely face of the horse inside the door. More bras hanging from the ceiling...

Close up on the horse...