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Halloween Ghost Train of Stanley Park - Part I: On the Train and through the Halloween Maze
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 8 October 2012

The grounds in front of the departure gate and the 2 sides of the Ghost Train railroad are really nicely decorated for Halloween. Even the ticket (on the left) is quite artistic. My camera could not catch most of the nice animated sceneries at night, mostly that the train was moving quite fast, but here are some attempts at rendering the creativity of the decor, starting with the view on the right side of the train as we started the trip:

There were over half a dozen animated scenes along the railroad with actors in Halloween costumes, and some mechanical arrangements as well. Here are some of the characters that came out of the night, out of graves or running around a large cauldron:

This is a really big dragon (20 feet high at least) defending its golden eggs from a thief:

A cute little house in the dark, and another really huge character (some 20 feet high also) lurking in the dark:

The sculpture on the left stands in the middle of the pond, quite pretty; there is even a cloud of fog behind it (natural fog or artificial fog?). The witch on the right (in the mouth of the monster) stands right beside the railroad, easy to photograph:

When we came back from the train ride, we visited the Halloween Maze; there were a lot of excited children getting caught in dead ends, turning around, and running back towards their parents. The decorations are creative, but not so realistic that they would scare young children - a perfect balance between fun and make-believe. Plenty of excitement for children but, again, nothing traumatic. Great job, Ghost Train organizers: