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Vancouver blooming in April - Part 2: Flowers in Stanley Park
By:Sarah in Vancouver
Date: 17 June 2012

The North side of the Pavilion of Stanley Park, which was built in 1911:

Tulips in front of the Pavilion:

Lawn in front of the Pavilion, from a different angle:

Bush covered with small flowers, road to the Pavilion:

Part of the Rose Garden (close to the Pavilion):

Those white daffodils are so beautiful:

White daffodils and hyacinths in the Rose Garden:

Rose Garden, different angle:

Daffodils and pink tulips, Rose Garden:

Lawn on the West side of the Parks Board Head Quarters:

Near the Parks Board:

Parks Board: environmentally friendly car:

White magnolia near Lost Lagoon and the Kindergarten: