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California: Beautiful vistas - Photos taken while riding along the Southern California coast
By:Sarah in California
Date: 27 November 2011

View from the Santa Barbara Pier, looking South:

The Pier itself, looking West towards the Ocean:

The Griffith Observatory of Los Angeles, situated on
the mountain famous for the white HOLLYWOOD sign:

From the terrace at the top of the Observatory, looking East, view of downtown LA:

Opposite view, looking South West:

The beautiful (and controversial) cross at the
top of Mount Soledad, North of San Diego:

View at the base of the cross, looking South
(we can see Highway 5 in the background, center of the picture):

The area around the base of the cross is a Military Memorial, with hundreds
of photos lining the concrete walls. Looking North above the Memorial: View
of the Pacific Ocean and the California coast line towards Los Angeles:

Imperial Beach, South of San Diego (that we can see in the background).
The border with Mexico is only 2-3 miles South (i.e behind the photographer):

And a San Diego view that is personally very dear to me:
Large oranges right in front of my bedroom window, the first
thing I would see every morning when opening the curtains: