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Mexico: Beautiful Bufadora, Ensenada
Date: 24 August 2010

Mmmmm... I am starting to LOVE Mexico.

Before I moved to Mexico, I was told over and over that Mexico was a dangerous place. "You will get killed. You will be kidnapped for a ransom. A woman alone… you will be beheaded."

So, here I am.


And enjoying a Pacifico at Los Ponchos, a must-visit restaurant in beautiful Bufadora, some 25 miles south of Ensenada, Baya California Mexico.

I rode my bike on the charming countryside road, up and down the mountain with great views on the Pacific Ocean, leisurely enjoying the twists of the road, and finally right into the core of Bufadora's street stands.

The Patio of Los Ponchos

Once every minute or so, there is a big wave that comes through the rock formation, vrooommm vrooommm like an 18-wheeler, and gently splashes everybody... it's worth the trip here.

Street vendors. I found a shop full of great-looking leather Harley Davidson hats, bags, dew rags (but being a vegan, I don't wear leather) and ponchos. In fact, the shop found me as I walked by, wearing my Harley jacket, I heard "Nice leather Harley bag for you, lady".

View on the way back.

Below: View of the road from Baby Buell's mirror.