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California: Glorious daily ride on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between Point Mugu and Santa Monica
By:Sarah on PCH
Date: 1 November 2011

Riding North, with the 5:00PM sun - Life can't get any better:

Riding South, not far from Point Mugu:

Same view, with more mountains:

Somewhere in Malibu:

That sign is totally right. Never seen a more right sign...

My bike is absolutely fond of Malibu:

Neptune's Net, a famous bikers hangout in Malibu:

My bike at Neptune's Net, a well-deserved stop
after a day of roaming in the canyons nearby:

I had never seen a bike with a coffee mug - and of
matching color - before this one at Neptune's Net:

There is something truly mystical in having a beer at Neptune's Net on a sunny day like this,
with one's feet resting on the rail, watching Jimmy The Seagull flying nearby waiting for the
occasional french fry, watching the sun reflecting on the Ocean, with the absolute certainty
that if life does not bring any new adventures, this one will have been well worth living for...

Below: It's always pleasant to end the afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier,
watching the sun slowly set on the ocean - My midsummer night's dream: