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California: Venice Beach (the center of my little world)
By:Sarah in Venice Beach
Date: 30 October 2011

There are many things in Venice Beach that remind me of the 1960's. As I did not really live my 1960's, Venice Beach fills that void in my heart. The proximity of the Ocean, the beautiful beach, the crazyness of the Ocean Front Walk, the small restaurants, the factory outlets, the psychics, the drum circles, the little stands selling incence, stone jewels, hippie clothes... I love Venice Beach. I would not live within 3 blocks of it, but in the whole world, this is the place where my soul finds itself the most at home.

Charming despite the overcast weather:

Zoom on the musician on wheels that we can see in
the previous photo (he is quite good, and very nice):

Just walking through waves of relaxed tourists…
We are all looking for something there...

More relaxed tourists

See the ocean beyond the sand?

Near Venice Blvd

Nice hippie clothes for sale at good prices

A little something for everybody

And the very center of my little world: The Sidewalk Cafe