Sarah Is Healing Herself And So Can You

Today Aug 23 is James Van Praagh's birthday
Date: 23 August 2010

Happy Birthday, James! I love you!

James Van Praagh played a huge role in re-starting my spirituality after I saw him on Larry King in 1998 or 1999 while spending the night in a motel in the Shasta Mountains, CA. I bought all his books and meditation CDs. I subsequently attended one of his workshops in Seattle. But mostly, he did something that had big results for me: I wrote to him in 2004, asking how I could develop my spiritual gifts (if I had any...) and he replied through his webmaster that I should contact a spiritualist church where I live. Use Google, he added. That was simple. But that was the beginning of a new phase in my life. I googled "spiritualist church vancouver canada" and after sending some emails, I received an email from Reverend Joyce Tarvin, the Minister of the International Spiritualist Alliance in New Westminster BC where I met some of the best mediums in the world (both resident and visiting from the Arthur Findlay College) and some of the best healers. The ISA is my alma mater.

Thank you James and thank you Joyce.

Photo source: James' web site - link below